Dentists Review Dental Scenes In Movies


What do actual dentists think of actors portraying their profession in movies? Three dentists analyze popular films and discuss how accurate they really are.


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20 Responses to Dentists Review Dental Scenes In Movies

  1. Milly Burden says:

    I had a very big needle in my tooth but I didn't see it cos I'd probably be scared

  2. Lakshmi Shah says:

    Next: blue whale reviews swimming scenes

  3. Laurel Matson says:

    I talk when I get laughing gas.

  4. KK'S VIDS says:

    laphing gas makes me disy

  5. Pearl the rebel says:

    My dentist sucks. Every time he has filled my cavities it’s really painful even though he would give me shots. When I asked what he was doing he would tell me to shut up. Everyone at that office are jerks. Glad I left them. They butchered up my teeth.

  6. Pearl the rebel says:

    I think Little House of Horrors is supposed to be exaggerated lol

  7. Jill Kessler says:

    How could they NOT include the scene in Marathon Man?!? Is it safe?

  8. Catty Xuzhong says:

    Pornstar review porn scenes

  9. Sarah Fae Yurinko says:

    “Little Shop of horrors is wrong” well duh the only reason he is a dentist is to hurt people so of course its not realistic.

  10. ticci toby says:

    I am gonna get braces in a bit I am really scared now… I'mma cry

  11. IsZy says:

    I need a 90% not true not half lol

  12. The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con says:

    I hate my dentist as a 19 year old I have bit her many times

  13. Victoria Costantino says:

    I like that the first dentist was mad confident – she didn't even have to wear a white coat. I want her to do my root canal.

  14. KidFrenzyy says:

    when i got laughing gas, i actually laughed hysterically

  15. Elena Gibbons says:

    What did you expect out of little shop

  16. Mïćhãëłä WøłfŠqûãd says:

    Missouri is fiiiiiiiiiiiine I live here heh

  17. weird one says:

    God's review God's in movies

  18. Yanira Garcia says:

    Why is the intro music from the Italian grandmas videos😂?

  19. MUSICALS KID says:

    I live for this new add because mean girls broadway is why I was brought into the world

  20. Tahlia Talks says:

    I swear to god I’m like the only one I know who loves dentist even though I had to have emergency tooth extraction because of infected tooth and I felt the whole thing and I was bawling and my tears filled my ears and pooled down my neck

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