Get Whiter Teeth in 30 Minutes? | How to Instantly Get a Whiter Smile


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40 Responses to Get Whiter Teeth in 30 Minutes? | How to Instantly Get a Whiter Smile

  1. Frankie Jacob says:

    I tried Three various home whitening teeth kits with horrible outcomes. The first two did not work and the third burnt my mouth and I ended up with white spots in my lips. Since I followed the teeth whitening guidebook “fetching telam site” (Google it), I`ve never seen better results compared to this. This will make me excited to display my pearly white teeth..

  2. Yadiel Nicholas says:

    As I reflect upon my old photos, I thought that my teeth will be the reason for having less connections from co-workers in the office. On the other hand, I got a big boost in self-esteem when I began reading teeth whitening guide “fetching telam site” (Google it). I`m not stating that`s the entire reason, however I am confident it has assisted!.

  3. Max the Black Leopard says:

    Found them at the store for $9.99+ at dollar family

  4. Patsy Turcotte says:

    you should try for $24 bucks you can whiteen your teeth instantly

  5. Sally DuBuque says:

    have you ever heard about that shit is crazy

  6. Wilbert Hintz says:

    avoid this… is way better

  7. Reyes Hyatt says: rocks man for a few buks my teeth now are super white

  8. Kenya Fadel says:

    have you ever heard about that shit is crazy

  9. Scott Gipson says: is way better and super cheap

  10. Horace Schmitt says: is way better and super cheap

  11. Szumak says:

    this beard…..

  12. Dominic Chaparro says:

    What is up the the beard

  13. NikielGovender says:

    i dont think present day Jose would aprove of the facial hair

  14. subscribe 2 cal vlogs says:

    Can you use the light again

  15. Dilip Kumar says:

    Where you buy this

  16. Ronnie James says:

    I`ve tried Three different house whitening teeth ideas which were pointless. The 1st 2 ideas were pointless and also the 3rd one even got me injuring my mouth leaving a burnt white spot in my lips. Right after using this teeth whitening guidebook “fetching telam site” (Google it.) The results have been much better than I was expecting. I can`t wait to show off my new teeth!.

  17. cspdn says:

    Watched many of your vids and liked, but how can you give grooming advice and tips when your beard looks like that. Sorry won't be watching anymore.

  18. Cabrini Divo says:

    Wolverine. Lol.

  19. alksjdfg G says:

    Who watches in 2019

  20. Khy says:

    The little blue led lights are a gimmick they use a high powered watt blu led light in the dentist office just to speed up the heating/drying process it's the hydrogen peroxide that you cant get over the counter that's actually whitening your teeth

  21. White Teeth says:

    What white teeth video do you want me to do?

  22. MostGaming _YT/Vlogs says:

    How do you stay happy all the time?!?! Calm down on the energy fuel!!

  23. SAy ChEeSe •-• says:

    Your teeth are whiter than the snow

  24. Eridania Brito says:

    You are in tic tok to right

  25. iam aabdu says:

    0:20 "Pernannally"

  26. Mogan Kumari says:

    I already follow you on tik tok

  27. Pamela Morse says:

    Super white teeth

  28. YUSC BeatZ says:

    Is that your natural voice

  29. iam aabdu says:

    I used to have the whitest teeth when i was in grade 6 up to grade 7 then….. Idk but my teeth are still white so no problem ay

  30. iam aabdu says:

    Bruh imagine if all your 1 million til tok fans subscribed to you holy you would be hella famouse

  31. Potato :3 says:

    Ur not squeaky:(((((

  32. きみの夢はぼくの夢 says:


  33. stephen florez2810 says:

    Are you gay

  34. Anna Mae says:

    I bet your dentist are happy with you

  35. Chiquinquira Torres says:

    Porfavor alguien que dijo

  36. QuadKiller786 says:

    What it this? Your teeth matches the snow…

  37. 쥬디요다[얼음땡 온라인] says:

    Your so cute 💋
    너무 기여우세용ㅜㅜ💋

  38. SKOTCH says:

    Нахуй я повёлся на это, я думал он тут не будет свой ебальник разрывать…

  39. Masriah Riah says:

    Where you from man

  40. nikhil tandale says:

    Done 👍

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