Healthy and Unhealthy Effects of Chewing Gums


Studies show that bad oral habits are amongst the commonest reasons of getting dental issues. These bad practices involve the use of cigars, coffee and other food brands which can produce bad bacteria, like candies and sugar-rich chewing gums. As per reported by dental specialists, most Americans chew 300 pieces of chewing gums every year. These chewing gums are acknowledged to be among the top-reasons of having severe dental issues.Chewing gums are popularly known as food brands used for killing stress along with other strains. Previously, chewing gums are utilized by ancient Greeks and Mayans as mastiche (a tree sap) and tsiclte. Even though chewing gums have gone so far these days, its main use never changed. Modern chewing gums are made from synthetic base – the reason of having its sweet and soft taste or flavor. It is loaded with flavoring and coloring which heightens its sugar content. Sugar is the top source of having oral cavities. That is why all individuals are highly recommended to lessen the use of sugar-rich gums.

Surely, chewing gums can escalate the possibility of dental problems, like cavities. Gums like those are riched with sugar that may compromise the teeth. Sugars have acids that can influence and break down the tooth enamel. Great thing is now you can relish chewing gums which are free from sugar!Yes, you got it right. There are loads of sugar-free chewing gums provided today. Contrary to to other tooth-destructive gums you used to know, sugar-free gums can enhance your dental health. Sugar-free gums also can help stimulate good saliva production. An increased and good flow of saliva can also help you get rid of food debris and particles. As few of us know, good flow of saliva production can release minerals that could strengthen the tooth enamel. These minerals also are beneficial to your teeth. American Dental Association stated that chewing a sugar-free gum for at least twenty minutes can improve the dental health. Sugar-free gums could be regarded through the ADA seal. This provides evidence to the consumers that it seeks enhancement of the oral health. Furthermore, sugar-free is also favorable for eliminating teeth stains. There are numerous teeth whitening gums presented nowadays. This type of chewing gum is integrated with lower doses of chemical agents of teeth whitening. Unfortunately, sugar-free gums only have small amount of whitener. Thus, practicing good dental hygiene is always the right choice for optimizing dental health.

While you consider sugar-free gums, don’t forget to conduct the good oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth on day to day basis to make sure your teeth are free of bad bacteria. As you brush your teeth, make sure to use soft-bristled ones. Toothbrushes with soft bristles don’t harm your teeth and make your gums bleed. Fluoride-rich toothpaste is also important and a great pair for soft-bristled toothbrushes particularly in elliminating stains and food debris. Needless to say, consider flossing your teeth daily.Always remember that right oral hygiene is the vital key for achieving excellent oral health. Consider visiting your dentist regularly. Your own dentist will keep track your mouth and might provide you sugar-free chewing gum.

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