Sugar Free Candy

[googleplusauthor] Understand the fact that there are approximately 800 calories and 200 grams of carbohydrates in one cup of granulated sugar (sucrose). By using a sugar substitute other than fructose, you can eliminate most of the carbo­hydrates and calories. The American Diabetes Association now says that people with diabetes can use some sucrose. However, testing and monitor­ing prove that the use of sucrose by people with diabetes causes blood glucose levels to rise and fall rapidly. Granulated fructose and other sugar substitutes will raise the blood sugar level slightly but will not cause sudden surges; thus they are safe for consumption. Most people with diabetes expe­rience a difficult period adjusting to a “no sugar” diet, because sugar can be habit forming. Now that you’re off the sugar kick, it’s best not to start using it again. Who needs the extra carbohydrates and calories? You will have to exercise longer and harder to burn them off. Remember to adhere to your diet, and always consult your doctor and dietician before making any drastic changes.


Saccharin is a sweetener that has been used in foods for many years. Sweet ‘n Low and Sugar Twin are saccharin based. Of the two, Sugar Twin is lighter and airier. The manufacturers suggest that you use the same mea­surements of Sugar Twin as sugar in a recipe, but I use a great deal less because it’s much sweeter than sugar. The sugar substitutes used most often in my recipes are Sugar Twin and Sweet ‘n Low. The way to decide which sweetener you prefer is to try all of them. They all reduce carbohydrates and calories in a diet.